Does product price include shipping fee to anywhere?

Yes. Product price includes all S&H, so you don’t  have to calculate shipping cost.

Does product have an original box and an English instruction?

Yes. Our watch is delivered in an original watchmaker’s box together with English instruction. (There is only Japanese manual  for G-shock.Therefore, we provide English manual’s URL and QR code that print in our own)

Does this web-store include warranty ?

Yes. about warranty.

How do you send product to me? If the shipper is lost a watches, will you help me?

We send the package via EMS , and it contains the insurance.  If the watch did not arrived to you, you will guarantee the amount of money or watches by us .

You can check shipping status.

About EMS

If product I bought from you needs repairs, what can I do ?

Please contact at your local manufacturer’s service office with included international guarantee.
Service center information is available at here

Product review is so few, Why? I thought review a lot more. Since, these products are competitive price.

We don’t spend money on advertising. Therefore, this web-store isn’t known to you all. We wonder that customer satisfaction 100%.